Purmet drain cleaner

The Purmet draincleaning unit is the only one on the market with digging equipment and a water tank. Thanks to a robust boom and remote control, the flushing is efficient and with the help of the digging equipment you can dig up problems in the pipes. To top up with water, place the submersible pump at the end of the boom.

Water system
  • Power source: Tractors P.T.O. 300-540 rpm
  • Pump pressure: 50 bar
  • Pump capacity: 160 l/min (at 540rpm)
  • Jetter hose 25x3,5 mm
  • Hose length standard: 300m (or extended to 400 m)
  • Nozzle: Standard (1+6 hole), Nozzle with more effect forward (1+4 hole)
  • Air injector= adding air into cleaning water
  • Water tank 6500l
  • Tank filling: Hydraulic centrifugal pump 1500l/min
Work boom
  • Length: 5.5 m
  • Excavator bucket: 85 l

Hydraulic system
  • Power source: Tractors hydraulic, 40-65 L/min.
  • Easy switching between continuous flow and Load sense hydraulics.
  • Control valves: Danfoss PVG, Radio controlled
Additional equipment
  • Hydraulic submersible pump 3” 1500 l/min
  • Pipe crimper for repairing drain cleaners’ hose
  • Pipe sond, Pipe-Rocket
  • Wheel sizes 550/45–22,5 or710/40–22,5
Most tractors have sufficient oil flow already at 1000 rpm on the engine and for the water pump approx. 300 rpm on the PTO is also sufficient. This means that fuel consumption is low when flushing.


A durable drain cleaner

The pipe pushing unit located at the end of the boom is close to the pipe to be cleaned so as little pushing force as possible is wasted. The boom is strong enough to keep the unit in place without supporting it to the ground. The stainless-steel tube bend is durable and don’t need service because it doesn’t have moving parts. The cleaning hose is 300 m long and can be extended to 400 m. The high-pressure pump gives 50 bar pressure but recommended cleaning pressure is 40 bar. The nozzle has 6 holes backwards and one forward. If there are hard stops in the pipes you can use a nozzle with only four holes backward and a larger hole forward. The nozzles give 65 L at 40 bars.


Filling the water tank with the boom

Filling the Water tank is easy when using the work boom to hold a hydraulic pump. With the extension the pump can be stretched 8 m to reach for water. When keeping the pump just beneath the surface it does not suck mud from the bottom. With Purmets 3” pump it takes about 4,5 minutes to fill the 6500L tank.


Excavation bucket

Sometimes there is damaged drainpipes or underground wells that needs to be dug up. The hose pushing unit can be exchanged to an excavation bucket in just a few minutes.

Täckdikesspolning Täckdikesspolning

Digital pipe length counter connected to radio control

From the 2023 model the hose length counter is digital and integrated with the radio control unit. There is a display showing the hose length on the pushing unit. On the radio controls display both length and speed are shown. Eaven a max length counter shows the length of the last pipe for easier documentation of the cleaning result. The radio-control can also be connected to the tractor to start the PTO running the water pump.


If the hose pushing wheels are skidding there is an alert sound so you can stop the pushing before it damage the hose. Skidding is also prevented by using easy mode on the hydraulic system. If more pushing force is needed just turn the valve to power mode.



Unique for Purmet Drain cleaners is the mixing of air into the cleaning water. When the air bubbles expand thru the nozzle it gives extra power to the jet.



When cleaning pipes thru a well a narrower bent pipe can be used. An extension can be used in deep wells. The well can be emptied with the same pump that is used to fill the water tank. Purmets submersible pump has rubber wings on the impeller so gravel does not get stuck between the impeller and the shell.


Hydraulic submersible pump

Purmets submersible pump has rubber wings on the impeller so gravel does not get stuck between the impeller and the shell.