Pipe Rocket - Pipe locator

Superior range 50m! 0.5 m precision

With the Pipe-rocket pipe locator transmitter and receiver it is easy to find where a pipe goes. Just push the transmitter into the pipe with a drain jetter or a separate fish tape. The receiver shows the direction and distance within a distance of 50m the pipe can be located with a precision of 0,5 m so you can minimize digging.

  • Transmitter diameter 30 mm
  • Nozzle with 1/2” or 5/8" pipe tread BSP
  • Flexible connection hose to manage bends

The transmitter is starts and stops with a magnet from outside so the shell can be kept waterproof. The receiver is only 110 x 70 mm so it is easy to carry in your hand or in a pocket The transmitter is rechargeable, the charging cable is connected under the cap and to a USB charger (not included). The receiver uses batteries size AAA .

When using pipe-rocket on a drain cleaner there is a nozzle that connects to the transmitter with a flexible hose so it can go through bends. The nozzle gives 6 jets backwards but non forward. From us you can also order a fiberglass fish tape roll. Lengths of 100 and 150 m we keep in stock.

If you buy a package of at least transmitter and receiver it comes in a handy plastic case.

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