Drain cleaning

We carry out flushing of drainages in Pedersöre

Call us: Jonas 050 5863 947 or Johan 050 4636 801

If there is a closer contractor who bought a machine from us, we will pass the assignment on to them.

Maskinring PENY

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Drain cleaning

Preparations for drain cleaning

It is possible to clean drains from the time the frost leaves the ground in the spring. In autumn, it is possible to flush if it is plus degrees for a large part of the day.

Search for the drainage map, if you don't have a map for the drainage system, the Täckdiksföreningen has an archive with all the maps which the technicians connected to them have planned. Maps can be ordered at www.salaojayhdistys.fi

You can facilitate the flushing of covered ditches by marking in advance out the ends of the pipes. We charge the same hourly rate for pipe searchers. It is good to mark the ends with permanent marks, e.g. plastic pipe preferably in a clear color considering that in a few years they may become undergrown.